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Personal Injury Law

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Bodily harm done to a person by another person or party is regulated under a type of law known as “personal injury law.” Intentional acts of others account for a small percentage of the cases covered by personal injury law, often involving issues of assault/battery. Most cases that fall into the jurisdiction of personal injury law, however, result from negligence. The main stipulation for determining liability in personal injury law is whether or not the defendant was at fault, and whether injury resulted from that fault.

Many personal injury lawsuits involve automobile accidents, bus, train, or airplane accidents, premises liability or professional negligence. A premises liability personal injury lawsuit might include slip and falls, building defects, failure to supply adequate security, etc. Professional negligence applies to decisions made by professionals such as doctors, nurses, etc., which were made irresponsibly and caused harm to the plaintiff.

Under personal injury law, an individual may attempt to resolve the claim either with the individual at fault, or with an insurance representative. Minor personal injury law cases may be best handled through arbitration or small claims court, without an attorney. However, if the fault or extent of the injury is disputed, or a large sum is at stake, an experienced personal injury lawyer is highly recommended. In the case that an attorney may be required, it is advisable to retain an attorney as early as possible, and to refrain from making any statements or commitments to the other party or their representative without first seeking legal advice.

personal injury law allows for the injured party to bring a claim for their medical expenses, lost wages, inability to work in the future, pain and suffering, disfigurement, disability and loss of quality of life. If the individual was killed, personal injury laws in each state will specify who may file suit and what damages they may claim. The personal injury laws in different states may vary in the specific requirements and restrictions on claims.

The amount at stake in a personal injury lawsuit depends in part upon the extent and nature of the injuries sustained by the plaintiff. However, many people do not realize the full value of the claims they are entitled to make under personal injury law, so consulting an attorney is wise. An attorney who has experience and a background in successfully representing persons in personal injury lawsuits can help you to understand your rights, allowing you to make the fullest possible recovery.