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Industrial Accidents

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Industrial accidents are usually pursued under Workers’ Compensation laws. However, in the case that industrial accidents result from defectively designed or manufactured equipment, or negligence of someone besides the employer, industrial accidents can be sometimes cause a personal injury action. There are a number of factors in industrial accidents that influence what legal recourse the victims of an industrial accident may take.

Individuals who have been involved in an industrial accident must prove that their injury was caused by negligence or illegal action. Additionally, because industrial accidents are considered actionable under Workers’ Compensation, they cannot be the fault of the employer if the industrial accident is being pursued through a personal injury lawsuit. (The specific laws and regulations governing industrial accidents can vary widely from state to state.)

Injuries resulting from industrial accidents can range in severity from slight to lethal. The cause of an industrial accident can include malfunctioning equipment, explosions, electrocution, falls, etc. Contributing factors to industrial accidents include workers’ negligence, poor safety standards, and fatigue. Depending upon the cause and severity of the industrial accident, recovery can be swift, or a long process. Those persons who have been injured in an industrial accident may never return to their full capacity, affecting their physical and psychological health. Victims of industrial accidents may also suffer long-term financial losses due to their inability to work.

If you were in an industrial accident and suspect that the fault lies with someone other than your employer, the industrial accident may qualify for a personal injury lawsuit. Personal injury suits concerning industrial accidents can recover financial losses, pay for medical care, and compensate victims for other resulting damages. Industrial accident law can be complicated, and regulations may vary by state. An attorney familiar with industrial accident law in your state may be able to help you make key decisions regarding your case.