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Class Action Lawsuit

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A class action lawsuit combines numerous suits where the plaintiffs have similar damages and complaints. By filing a class action lawsuit, plaintiffs have the combined power to confront wealthy corporations in a court of law. Class action lawsuits can address any issue covered by “typical” lawsuits: product liability, toxic exposure, and fraud.

A class action lawsuit must be authorized by a judge. Generally, there are specific reasons for authorizing a class action lawsuit:

  • number of plaintiffs,
  • similarity of grievances,
  • ability of one lawsuit to settle all cases, etc.

Class action lawsuits, once declared, can prevent plaintiffs from filing individually without a formal declaration of intent. Generally, class action lawsuits save time and money by dealing with several cases in front of one judge. Class action lawsuits decided in favor of the plaintiffs sometimes return lower amounts than a non-class action lawsuit would have done. However, sharing information between plaintiffs can drastically increase chances for settlement in class action lawsuits, while some plaintiffs would receive nothing if they filed an independent suit.

Class action lawsuits allow any qualifying individual to become party to a class action lawsuit, where a “class representative” speaks for the entire group. Generally speaking, participants in class action lawsuits need not appear in court, although they are occasionally requested to submit written testimony. The class action lawsuit may require that participants submit paperwork, like medical records, to substantiate claims made by the class action lawsuit against the defendant.

If you have been the victim of corporate negligence, a class action lawsuit may be your best option for redressing your grievances and recovering damages. Class action lawsuits have formed against any number of manufacturers, retailers or other corporations. Most class action lawsuits include deadlines in order for you to participate. An attorney familiar with the intricacies of class action lawsuits may be able to help you determine your best course of action.

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