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Actos linked to Bladder Cancer.


Asbestos Causing Lung Cancer.


Pesticides and Birth Defects.

Round Up

Pesticides And Cancer

Talcum Powder

Talcum linked to Ovarian Cancer

Combat Earplugs

Veterans Injured By Bad Earplugs


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$ 20000000

Recovered From manufacturers of Defective Drugs

No one knows more about a medication than its manufacturer, and some drug companies are aware of the potential for their medication to cause devastating side effects in users, yet choose to withhold this information from consumers, medical professionals and federal regulators, in an effort to protect their bottom line.

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$ 10000000

Recovered From Manufacturers of Defective Devices

The tricky thing about defective products is that their defective nature typically doesn’t come to light until they have been implicated in hundreds or thousands of reports of problems, like the defective GM ignition switch that has been linked to at least 124 deaths and 275 non-fatal injuries.

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By hiring us to represent you, you not only hire us, but our network of highly trained Mass Tort Attorneys throughout the United States, who have settled billions of dollars of lawsuits for clients.


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Mass tort law is part of personal injury law. Due to the wide diversity of cases, and on a large scale. Check out our expertly written content for more info on a product that may be harming you or a loved one .

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